8 Perfect Kitchen Pendants

Remy 15.75" Adjustable Iron/Glass Art Deco Mid Century Globe LED Pendant
Art Deco glamor meets mid-century modern design in this large globe pendant light. A brass-gold finish with Parisian-style frosted glass create an elegant ceiling fixture for a kitchen, living room or bedroom. Hang two or three over a dining table...
$499.99 $269.99
Watts Glass/Metal LED Pendant
from $142.99 $244.99
Watts Glass/Metal LED Pendant
The glass pendant first became popular around the turn of the century, when homes were switching from gas lighting (which required glass shades) to electric. The ability to show wealth by exposing your bulbs, and therefore your trendy new electricity,...
$244.99 from $142.99
Elena 10" Lantern Metal LED Pendant
$166.99 $293.99
Elena 10" Lantern Metal LED Pendant
A brass grid surrounds and softens the light from a single bulb in this stylish pendant. With black exterior rings, the reflection of the light on the golden interior creates a warm glow, while the sturdy construction makes it a...
$293.99 $166.99
Selema 19" Iron Adjustable Ogee Lantern LED Pendant
Rustic style meets Moroccan flair in our lantern style chandelier. Featuring sinuous ogee curves, the oil-rubbed bronze frame surrounds four LED candles suspended within. Add a touch of Mediterranean style to an entry, bedroom, living room, dining room or kitchen.PRODUCT...
$558.99 $299.99
Litchfield 11" Farmhouse Metal/Glass LED Pendant
Traditionally made of metal, this pendant takes the Farmhouse look into more elegant territory with a glass shade and brass components. With an 11" opening, the large size is perfect in a pair or trio over a kitchen island, but...
$166.99 $103.99